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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goggins At Large

The following Goggins news item broke all the way back in November, but I just found out about it and am honorbound to relate it here (due to my pledge to provide the ultimate Goggins resource). The item in question is the announcement that Walton Goggins is set to star in a new drama for the AMC network, currently in development, titled "Rectify." The big story here is that Walt gets a true-blue leading role, his name on the metaphorical TV marquee. No longer will Goggins be held back by the tyrannical narcissism of a certain bald-headed Emmy-winner whom we shall not formally recognize by name on account of his ruthless obfuscation of co-star Goggins. Now Baldy is likely seething with jealousy because he does not get to play "a man released from a lengthy prison term after being exonerated by DNA evidence"! That is a role only Walton Goggins can sink his Georgia-sharpened teeth into. Just think: before long, Walton Goggins and Jon "Man-Crush" Hamm will coexist on the same network! The mind boggles. Or should I say, the mind "goggins"!!!*

*No, I should not say that.

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  1. Here here!! He really is due! So excited to see this new show. I hear it is amazing.