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Monday, February 16, 2009

Goggins Slandered

We were shocked and appalled recently to discover slanderous remarks made against blog fixation Walton Goggins by NPR "journalist" Mike Pesca. In a largely favorable review of The Shield's third season DVD, Pesca opines that the cast is uniformly excellent "with the exception of Walt [sic] Goggins, who plays Mackey's chief flunky Det. Shane Vendrell. The character is played as too hot-headed and careless to have escaped serious censure for this long."

More than anything else we feel pity for poor misguided Mike Pesca, who was apparently too hung up on niggling matters of plausibility to enjoy Goggins's intense yet subtle performance as Shane Vendrell. Moreover, I would argue that Pesca's criticism has nothing to do with Goggins and everything to do with the show's writing, which does require a certain level of disbelief-suspension in order to buy that the corrupt Strike Team has gotten away with their malfeasance for this long. This is not a serious problem, though, and certainly not one to pin on "Walt," as Pesca took the liberty of calling him.

Everything you need to know about this Pesca character is revealed in his NPR bio, which offers this nauseating nugget: "He lives in Manhattan with his wife Robin, son Milo, and their dog Rumsfeld." That's right: Mike Pesca, anti-Goggins crusader, has a dog named "Rumsfeld." Now, it's not clear whether this dog was so named as an ironic joke or a sincere tribute, but either option reflects poorly upon Pesca, his family, and his judgment.

At the risk of stating the obvious I'd also like to point out that Walton Goggins could kick Mike Pesca's ass. And that The Shield is fucking awesome.

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