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Sunday, February 1, 2009


You know who has an awesome name? Walton Goggins. No, that's not a Hobbit, it's one of the stars of FX's The Shield. Just say that name to yourself: Walton Goggins, Walton Goggins, Walton Goggins. Actually, his name isn't the only reason I admire him. With his rough-hewn features, jagged charm, and sense of humor that's always on the brink of violence, Goggins reminds me of '70s tough-guy icons like James Coburn and Warren Oates. And I do not hand out Warren Oates comparisons lightly. Plus, check out this awesome fact on his Wikipedia page: "At the age of 10, Goggins and his mother were the statewide champion cloggers, otherwise known as Mountain Dancing. When B.B. King was on tour, Goggins and his mother opened for him at the Atlanta Fulton County Prison." I count four distinct awesome things about that fact. IMDb gives us another taste of Goggins' authentic Southern background: "He won first prize at the Gold West State Days Hog Calling Contest." Goggins!


  1. you had better not stop this blog, because it's your best one yet.

  2. He's a wonderful actor. And I think he's really hot.