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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


If you happen to be reading this, you should know that Nina Paley's animated film Sita Sings The Blues—which has racked up rave after rave at festivals, plus effusive praise from Rog, but which cannot be conventionally distributed due to legal issues pertaining to music rights—will be streaming online at the Reel13 website starting this Thursday. I gather that Reel13 is a public TV show in NYC dedicated to film, and that the station will be airing Sita Sings the Blues regular-style for those who live in New York in addition to the online option. I'm stoked about this because I foolishly passed up the chance to see the movie at last year's Chicago Film Fest (I was planning on going, but scheduling conflicts with other festival fare precluded it), and it may never show up in a theater near me again. Watch it!

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