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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Overblown Warning of the Week

As part of his borderline-obsessive tracking of pre-release Watchmen buzz, Jeffrey Wells cautions: "I say again that only non-vested straight-talkers who were never that into comic book geekdom can be trusted on this movie. It may be a great film, or a very good or deeply stirring one, but only the pure of heart and the culturally uncommitted can determine this. Trust no one with any kind of deep-rooted, strongly Catholic investment in geek fanboy culture." (Bolding his.)

Now, I understand Wells's frustration with fanboy culture and his quickness to disregard the opinions of that world. But isn't it slightly wrongheaded to claim that the only people who can be trusted to fairly judge an adaptation of something are those who haven't read the source material? It's rather like saying to avoid reviews of Revolutionary Road by anyone who has read the Richard Yates novel. If anything, the opposite is true in that case; you'd want the most informed opinions possible to tell you what kind of adaptation it is.

Still, I can't help be endeared by Wells's paranoid phrasing. And when you get right down to it I agree with him, and I do not give much credence to any of the early geekgasm reviews that are trickling in. As an erstwhile comic book nerd myself, do I resent Wells's implication that comic fans are not "pure of heart"? No; it made me laugh too much to resent this delightfully crazy old bastard for anything. Keep it up, Wells!!

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