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Monday, March 23, 2009

Goggins Triumphant / Dinosaur Matters

Yes, it has happened—I have more or less lost my drive to blog, for the time being. But I must drop in with exciting news about That Evening Sun, the new film co-starring blog obsession Walton Goggins. It has won two awards at SXSW: the Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature, and a Special Jury Award for Best Ensemble Cast. That award-winning ensemble cast includes Goggins! Triumph! As far as I know the film has not yet secured distribution, but I look forward to seeing it EVENTUALLY.

Meanwhile, my viewing of Goggins's no less triumphant gig on TV's The Shield has slowed down considerably for no good reason. I have a few episodes left of Season 4 yet to watch, and from there it will be on to Seasons 5 through 7; at my current pace I might not be finished with the series until well into the bowels of 2009. Why the slowdown? Well, I don't think Season 4 is quite as good as Season 3. It seems slightly less purposeful and more confused about what kind of show it wants to be, and Vic Mackey is gradually shifting from portrait-of-evil anti-hero to straight-up, morally unquestioned protagonist. I have heard that the show gets REALLY awesome starting in Season 5, though, so I am not worried.

Now to address another recent subject of blog fixation, the upcoming Terrence Malick film that may or may not contain dinosaurs. Some of my questions about the odd project are addressed by Jeffrey Wells in a recent post. Apparently the parallel IMAX project will be called Voyage of Time, will run 45 minutes, will be released simultaneously with Tree of Life, and may share some footage with Tree of Life. Oh, and some source claims that it's still a year away from completion, which means a likely 2010 release (The Year We Make Contact, in case you've forgotten). This all seems too complicated. Terry, why can't you just put the dinosaurs in the damn movie and forget the IMAX thing? Nobody wants to schlep out to IMAX to see 45 minutes' worth of supplemental dinosaur material, some of which will apparently be a rerun. Come on! Dinosaurs in regular 35mm or not at all! (Pictured: dinosaurs demonstrating the coolness of cigarettes to kids)

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