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Sunday, March 1, 2009


Has enough time passed for everybody to acknowledge that the Ethics 101 "prisoner's dilemma" scenes in The Dark Knight are a load of facile bullshit? Hey, Chris Nolan, thanks for showing us that SOMETIMES SCARY BLACK MEN HAVE COMPASSION.

I know there's no good reason to bring this up now (the fanboys have moved on, I guess there's this thing coming out called "The Watchman"). I'm just fascinated by the question of how history will remember TDK. And I have a feeling that us doubters/naysayers will be vindicated.

Also, will anti-Watchmen critics be subjected to death threats and subliterate castigations like Keith Uhlich and others were for suggesting that TDK wasn't the most awesomest thing ever? Only time will tell. Time, and Jeffrey Wells.


  1. if by "doubters/naysayers" you mean "haters," then my answer is still "no, you will not be vindicated."

    look, i know it's not a perfect movie by any stretch, and i can point to about a dozen non-minor flaws, but i think haters like YOU are over-correcting for crazies like keith uhlich.

    watchmen, though... that's the real x-factor. if that thing blows and/or bombs, all bets are off.

  2. Wait, I think you're confused about the players on the chessboard here. Uhlich hated the movie, and got totally crucified for it in the comments section (the same is true of other web-based critics like Jurgen Fauth, but also a few print guys like David Edelstein) by hordes of angry Batman geeks. My position isn't nearly as extreme as Uhlich/Fauth et al; I used "doubter" because it's a more accurate term for me than "hater," as I enjoyed TDK and think it has some merits. I'm not overcorrecting, but correcting just the right amount for the hive-mind mentality that declared TDK to be, as I put it, the most awesomest thing ever.

    Based on early response, I don't foresee any such hive-mind business going on with Watchmen. All the pro critics who have weighed in so far are against it, as far as I know. The attitude seems to be that the movie is strictly for preexisting fans—which is kinda what I predicted a while ago.