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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Not So Fast

Remember how excited I was about the prospect of a Terrence Malick film with dinosaurs in it? Well, now my excitement is more like confusion, because some sources are claiming that Malick is splitting the movie up into IMAX and non-IMAX sections, with the IMAX-only film being the one with the dinosaurs in it, while the regular film (the one w/ Brad Pitt and Sean Penn that's in post-production now) is presumably dinosaurless. I'm not sure I understand this news, and even if I understand it I'm not sure I like it. Are these two completely discrete films, or will there be some overlap? Will the IMAX part be an actual feature or just a little dinosaur supplement? Does Malick even know the answers to these questions? Will this movie even be released within his lifetime, given Malick's penchant for spending eons in post? Things looked much simpler yesterday when I was able to make joyful exclamations about "motherfucking dinosaurs."

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