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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Goggins Recognized

It's time again to check in with our exalted obsession Walton Goggins, the actor late of departed television powerhouse THE SHIELD, and the one individual who causes us to use the "royal we" in our bloggings.

The recent news, as reported by revered TV critic (and fellow Goggins fan) Alan Sepinwall, is that Goggins has been nominated for a Television Critics Association award for "individual achievement in drama." I'll say! Goggins' achievement in the final season of THE SHIELD (the final two seasons, really) was exceedingly individual, all right, some of the most powerful acting we've seen on the small screen. As Shane became an increasingly volatile character, it was like a great '70s Method performance was dropped in the middle of a cop show. We believe, in fact, that Goggins deserves the award over his more widely-heralded fellow nominees Jon Hamm and Bryan Cranston.

Note that Sepinwall leads off his post with the same photo of a distressed-looking Goggins that we used in a previous post.

Also note that the un-fucking-believable final season of THE SHIELD comes out on DVD on June 9th. You're welcome, Sony!

Go Goggins!

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